Final Portfolio

By taking this class it has really helped to focus on what to look for when you observe or communicate within an area. By doing my project at Planet Fitness I learned the culture within the gym and what its about. This class really helped my writing in the fact that it helped me learn to look at it from a whole perspective of stepping out from what your writing and reflect upon it. My Final Ethnography paper reflects this and shows what I learned this semester.

English Mid-term Portfolio

The purpose of having a portfolio is to showcase the work that you have done in an organized manner. This is what I intend to do for my English 102 class. For my portfolio for this Mid-Term I will display 2 Blog Entries, 2 In-Class Writings, My Iresearcher Essay, and My Lay of the Land Essay. This semester we are working on a ethnography project. This means we are to observe an area and the culture within it. This is what the Iresearcher and Lay of the Land Essays are about.