Blog Entries

Here are two blogs I wrote the second half of the semester. These really helped me to look at what we did in class and put it down into words.

Interview Readings from Class this Week.

The readings this week got me to thinking about the interview portion of our project. I'm actually going to have to make myself visible to the people at Planet Fitness and ask them questions. The readings really helped show me what questions I should ask and even different types of questions. I never thought of asking questions as being open or closed. I always just thought of them as well questions in general and just talking. Not only do we have to ask questions but also actively participate in the conversation and listen! This is something I struggle with because I have a really short attention span, so bringing this to my attention will help try to focus more because its important that I do. Paul Russ' project really showed a good example of how to hold a good interview and is what I want my interviews to be like. On a side note I was also interested on how people are surviving with AIDS which is what Paul wrote about.  And as for the last reading by Jennette Edwards was really interesting to read and how to get a history of someone orally. I am looking  forward to starting the interview portion of my project.

Bowling Interview

This week we had to read our professors paper on her interviewing people at her site when she did this project when she was younger. I found it very interesting the way it was written because it was so informal and yet not at the same time. You felt like you were there with all the description in it. It was informal on the count that it was referring to everyone by first name and had her own thoughts. Yet, I couldn't help but think it formal because of how well written it was and descriptive. With that said I am looking forward to doing my interviews at my observation site and getting to know the background to planet fitness much like my professor got to know of the bowling alley.

This week we also did class presentations and mine didn't go so well most likely because instead of working on it in class I was trying to upload this video onto youtube. its pretty cool but didn't help my grade at all.