During class we sometimes write down thoughts about readings and answer questions, here are two examples of them.

Communities that I am apart of.

1. My Church (Catholic)   2. My Family   3. My workplace (Trucchis)   4. My Friends   5. My Classes   6. My Math Majors   7. My Town of Taunton   8. My Special Olympic Team that I help Coach   9. My CYO Basketball team I'm on  10. My College  11. The Gamecocks

Do I like to?

1. Do i like to read? Not usually, if i do read then i like to read the sports pages of a newspaper because im an old man. Reading in general just bores me i guess. My attention span is rather short.   2. Do i like to write? No i do not. I only write if i have to. I would much rather just talk then have to write something.   3.  As far as a writing strength goes I think I'm really good at just writing off the top of my head. It doesn't take me too long to think of what i have to write and how to keep it orderly. A weakness that I have in writing is that my sentences tend to be run ons. I just get into the mindset where i need to put down what im thinking that i dont structure it properly.   4. My expectation for this class is to become a better writer while having some fun along the way. I already had you as a professor so obviously i wouldn't have taken you again if i didn't enjoy the class. Im looking forward to being in this class this semester, doing the work for it on the other hand... not so much.